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tv cabinet
tv cabinet

tv cabinet

In the market for a TV cabinet? Finding the right stand for your TV can be amazingly difficult. You want something fashionable yet simple, that doesn’t overwhelm the TV itself. You want something that stands out, but non too much. These days, a TV cabinet has become more than simply a place to stash your TV. Modern TV cabinets ar usually equipped with a whole lot of extras. They come with cubbies and drawers to keep and store your DVDs and your home entertainment system, your speakers, your DVR and your DVD player. They are built to display your TV in the best possible manner and yet, they also are used for keeping your TV out of sight, when you don’t want to watch any more shows or movies. There are a great number of unlike designs. Remember when you are considering purchasing a new TV cabinet to pick something that is both functional and stylish. Consider the dimensions and dynamic of your living room and choose a piece that speaks to you. Here are some different styles to consider.

Here’s a novelty: a TV that is hidden in a fully working electric fireplace. Press a button on the remote and the screen appears, press it again and the screen disappears. While this may not be the kind of thing everyone wants or can afford, it is certainly a conversation starter.

Consider this, bamboo. A TV cabinet made out of bamboo, a sleek bamboo plate. This is similar to your traditional cabinet, but it is infinitely more contemporary; it is sleeker, more elegant and refined. A bamboo TV cabinet gives any home a modern edge. Being made out of bamboo, the cabinet is extremely light weight; it is also surprisingly long lasting and deteriorates by itself when disposed of, making it environmentally favorable as well.

A motorized lift is perfect for a sleek flat screen LCD. With a touch of a button, your computer glides out of a slick, sleek cabinet. It’s very futuristic and will wow all your friends and family. This is state of the art, top of the line stuff here.

Think Asian. A company called Green Tea Design makes TV cabinets with inspired overhang beams, and hand forged ironware using Asian woods. The cabinets are fashionable and cool. The lattice console, for instance features lattice doors, reminiscent of the Far East, which serve to hide components, while still allowing the remote control to function perfectly. There are a pair of side drawers for storing DVDs and other TV related items. The Yoshida TV stand features a two tone finish that relaxes the eye. Two sliding doors allow you to conveniently store your other electronic equipment.

A console style gives you a place to put your TV and it also provides room for you to place all the extra stuff like stereos and DVRs. These come in a variety of dissimilar materials such as wood, stainless steel, glass and even plastic. Custom made consoles can be intentional to go with the rest of your furniture.

Before you buy, always shop around. Browse furniture catalogs and the internet for more inspiration.

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