modern tv cabinets

modern tv cabinets
modern tv cabinets

modern tv cabinets

A decade ago, the only place you were likely to find a television was in a living room or TV parlor. Occasionally, CRT TVs were hung from ceilings to provide information screens in railway stations and airports, but it wasn’t until the development of the flat screen television that we saw the rise of digital signage.

Digital signage is the use of modern flat screen TVs for out of home marketing, advertising and promotion and it is common to see such screens in shopping malls and retail centers. And even in outdoor locations, in the open air and under the weather, screen ar being used as outdoor digital signage.

Outdoor digital signage is not the only reason to install an outdoor TV either. Using TVs in outdoor locations is becoming progressively common, particularly since smoking bans in bars and pubs, leading bar owners and publicans to install TVs in beer gardens to entertain customers and allow them to watch the big game or popular TV shows outdoors.

Even some householders are beginning to install outdoor TVs to allow them to relax in their back gardens and enjoy the sunshine while watching their favorite television shows or sports events.

There are two different approaches to using screens outdoors. The first is to use it. These waterproof and temperature resistant screens, made by several TV manufacturers, can operate in almost any outdoor location. They are commonly used for outdoor digital signage, but are perhaps too expensive for small bar owners, independent retailers looking to install a single screen or for householders wishing to place a TV in their back yard.

The second approach, a more flexible and cost effective method of outdoor digital signage and outdoor TV installation is to use standard devices, either consumer or commercial grade, and use a TV cabinet to protect it.

Outdoor TV cabinets are protective housings that allow almost any make or model of flat screen to be taken outside and operated without fear of failure. Outdoor TV cabinets are fully waterproof and come in almost every conceivable size to suit the available range of TV sizes.

Not only do outdoor TV cabinets protect from the weather, keeping the enclosed screen dry, but they also ensure the screen is not running too hot or too cold. Internal climatic systems like fans kick-in when temperature get too hot, transferring heat away from the screen, while when temperatures drop too low, heaters turn on to keep the screen in the optimum operating range.

They also provide good physical protection. Outdoor TV cabinets are commonly manufactured from steel, providing a forcible roadblock against attack and are often fitted with shatterproof screens and tamper-proof locks for added security.

Outdoor TV cabinets allow small business users to embark on outdoor digital signage without the heavy overheads, and also allows small businesses and homeowners to install TVs in beer gardens and back yards, without having to pay excessive amounts for outdoor screens.

Plasma TV cabinets are also highly flexible, enabling you to choose exactly which TV system you want to install, with an enclosure more than likely available to suit whatever make, model or size.

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Walker Edison 60-Inch Jamestown Wood TV Console, Black

Walker Edison 60-Inch Jamestown Wood TV Console, BlackProduct Description
Elegance and function combine to give this contemporary wood TV console a striking appearance. The design gives a stylish modern look crafted with durable PVC laminate and MDF board. Console will accommodate most flat-screen TVs up to 65” with three levels of center shelving to provide ample space for A/V components. The interior doors hold approximately 200 DVDs, Blu-ray discs or other media.
Compare Walker Edison 60-Inch Jamestown Wood TV Console, Black

Product Features

  • Accommodates most flat-screen TV?s up to 52 in.
  • Rich, textured finish
  • Ample storage space for A/V Components
  • Ships Ready-To-Assemble with all necessary tools
  • Assembly instructions with online support and toll-free number available