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hdtv stands
hdtv stands

HDTV stands

Not since the invention of color television has there been an improvement offered to television like HDTV. HDTV stands for high definition television and has a picture quality that is roughly five times better then television that is offered in standard definition. Although early HDTV broadcasts were still broadcast using the old analog signals, a recent change has moved to using all digital signals. Although there ar many unlike manufactures of high definition televisions there ar four brands that offer quality that stands above the rest.

When shopping for an new TV, it’s helpful to know the best selling HDTV brands, so that you can make the best decision based on consumer confidence. Here ar the top 4 HDTV brands on the market. Panasonic offers a wide range of HDTV’s including plasma, LCD, and rear projection televisions.

– What makes Panasonic one of the better brands on the market is the technologies that power their televisions. Panasonic televisions use LIFI, or light fidelity and is only used by Panasonic. This means that the start up time of their read projection HDTV’s are reduced. Panasonic also uses its Motion Picture Pro in LCD which increases clarity in scenes that feature a high level of movement. This technology is useful when watching sports or racing.

– Samsung is another(a) manufacturer that offers high-quality HDTV’s that can give you a crystal clear picture thanks to their 500,000:1 contrast ration. Along with this, Samsung uses LED lighting to help adjust the brightness by creating the optimal combination of backlight to give a clear picture that takes your breath away.

– Phillips also offers the same cutting edge technology and picture quality, but has a feature that is unique to their HDTV line known as Ambilight Technology. This throws light on the wall around the TV to set the mood based on what is displayed on the screen.

– Finally, Sony has always been known as a manufacturer of quality electronics and they hold true to their report with their HDTV line. Their Bravia line, which stands for Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated, has been one of the most successful products since its introduction.

Every manufacturer wants to make a product that is going to live up to a consumer’s expectations. The brands mentioned go above and beyond meeting consumer expectations to deliver a picture that is breathtaking and just as revolutionary as the first time color television was introduced.

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Techcraft HBL60 60-Inch Flat Panel Television Stand

Techcraft HBL60 60-Inch Flat Panel Television StandProduct Description
So you don’t want to screw all your home theater equipment to the wall? That’s completely understandable. Techcraft has an elegant, posh solution to your problems. While some TV stands look good in the store, it’s hard to decide what will match your decor correctly. The HBL60 combines sturdy construction with elegance. Whether you’ve got a TV and a satellite box or other components, this is the perfect stand for the job. Heavy-gauge diamond shaped tubing provides the strength and durability you want for your home theater equipment.
Compare Techcraft HBL60 60-Inch Flat Panel Television Stand

Product Features

  • 60-inch flat-panel television stand
  • Fits most 60-inch and smaller flat-panel televisions
  • Heavy gauge diamond shaped tubing for strength and durability
  • Brilliant black serigraph glass matches many flat-panel televisions
  • 19.75″ H x 59.25″ W x 19.75″ D