corner tv hutch

corner tv hutch
corner tv hutch

corner tv hutch

A TV stand cabinet is a type of TV stand that has doors that allow you to hide the television. TV stand cabinets provide plenty of storage for other electronic equipment like DVD players, and euphony systems, as well for accessories like CDs and DVDs by having several drawers or shelves. They are not just an add-on to your furniture in the house, besides keeping the TV; they also provide space to keep your tapes, magazines, and CDs in an organized way. With most sets wired to a VCR at least, the modern household needs a central location for everything-including a place to hide the wires and store videotapes, to give a clean, neat appearance.

How Does the TV Stand Cabinet Differ From Other Basic TV Stands?

TV stand cabinets take up more space than basic TV stands. It’s unlike from other TV stands because not all TV stands are of cabinet style. In order to allow access to their full functionality they need ample space. TV stand cabinet serves utility purpose compared to other basic TV stands.

Different Types of TV Stand Cabinets

Some TV stand cabinets ar built-box type with glass doors and built-in shelves inside it to store the TV, DVD player and other equipment. Some have wooden doors to keep the TV elegantly under wraps until you wish to watch your favorite show! The full-width front doors on the TV cabinet are mounted on retractable slides that allow the doors to slip back into the case sides for unobstructed viewing, they are also known as pocket doors. The box type TV cabinet has presently given way to proper entertainment units, TV trolleys, storage plus TV cabinet etc. With the emergence of plasma TV and other flat screen TV in the market, the TV cabinet has also transformed to a modern and sleek look. Modern day TV cabinets do non have an enclosing framework. The TV is kept on the top of the cabinet while the lower half of the cabinet is used for storage purposes. Such cabinets have adjustable shelves to facilitate the storage of different types of things. However, some TV stands are available with enclosing framework with advancement in mechanism.

TV Lift Cabinets

TV lift cabinet is equipped with motorized function, which serves the vantage of being able store your TV out of sight while non in use. This can keeps your TV in a safe, protected area while not in use so that you don’t have to worry about it acquiring broken, especially if you have children. TV lifts cabinets come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes to match with your demand.

Corner TV Stand Cabinet

This type takes advantage of unused corner space while providing drawers and cabinets for movies and equipment. The corner TV stand cabinet creates a fashionable spot for your TV and accessories. When the TV is placed in a corner it can be viewed from any other part of the room allowing much more efficient use of the room.

TV Stand Cabinets with Wheels /Casters

This feature allows you to easily move and place where ever you wish to keep your TV stand and watch. This kind of TV stand cabinet can be useful if you want to temporary remove it to free space.

Different Options

The look of TV Cabinet has changed significantly over the years. TV stand cabinets can come in many variations under unlike brands. They are manufactured using several kinds of materials ranging from wood to MDF to glass. They ar available with many styles ranging from traditional to modern, so that they can fit in to any room. However, they can be divided into few wide categories based on their size and functionality. Some brands provide you with add-ons like the side cabinet. They serve as an upgrade to your present TV cabinet. TV stands cabinets ar available in a huge number of styles, finishes, veneers, laminates in a variety of price ranges.


TV stand cabinets ar available is variety of styles such as antique, contemporary, or country. You can choose from any of the styles to heighten the look of your d├ęcor. You can also choose from dissimilar categories that are apt for your living room, bedroom or office. Modern TV stands are often the most popular because of their streamlined and contoured design. These will be the right one for office use. Traditional TV stands feature lots of detail either in the form of carving or other such ornate embellishments. A more traditional TV stand on the other hand, has a much older fashioned look and can be a good addition to your living room or bedroom.

Price Range

Everyone has their price. You can select from an array of great products based upon your price. This will also help you to get the TV stand that suits your criteria.

They can be made from brass, bronze, metal, steel, wood, or even glass! Different kinds of wood used for fabrication TV cabinets vary from cedar, oak, rosewood, mahogany, maple, teak etc.

A number of finish options are available for you to choose and match with your other furniture. You can choose from birch, black, cherry, hardwood, mahogany, maple, veneer, white, alder, ash, ivory, oak, red etc.


TV stands ar available in different width and height options to match your requirement and to keep your things organized in the way you like.

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Prepac Sonoma Corner TV Cabinet, Black

Prepac Sonoma Corner TV Cabinet, BlackProduct Description
At 32″ in height, this TV Cabinet is a little taller than most, making it an ideal companion piece for the bedroom – it’s just high enough to view comfortably from the bed! It will hold most 32″ TVs and has an open shelf for a DVD player or VCR as well as an enclosed cabinet with adjustable shelf for additional stereo components. A small opening in the back allows for easy cord access. Stylish features include a profiled top, side moldings and an arched kick plate. Another affordable & attractive furniture piece from the Sonoma series, it is made from durable composite woods, and unlike other RTA furniture, has no plastic edgebanding.
Compare Prepac Sonoma Corner TV Cabinet, Black

Product Features

  • It’s just high enough to view comfortably from the bed!
  • Constructed from high quality laminated composite woods
  • Made from durable composite woods
  • Assembly Required
  • Dimensions: 32″W x 32″H x 21″D