corner armoire

corner armoire
corner armoire

corner armoire

When searching for a corner TV cabinet you will find an abundance of styles to choose from. Corner TV cabinets have become very popular since they save space and allow everyone in the room to see the TV clearly. You can find very plain TV stands with simply shelves and a place for the TV on top. These ar utilitarian and good for a room where you do not need great decor. The next step up is a cabinet which is open on top, where the TV sits, and has doors on the lower area which may house your DVD player and possibly your stereo equipment. This can be a very good looking cabinet for many homes and is available in many dissimilar styles and finishes.

However the ultimate corner cabinet is the armoire, which has doors on the top area to conceal the TV, and also doors on the lower portion. A corner TV armoire is a very stylish piece of furniture which will add greatly to the style and decor of the room. When the TV is not in use and the doors are closed it looks like a large cabinet and is a beautiful piece of furniture. It can be styled in any look from ultra modern to antique. It can be made from many types of real wood. Mahogany, walnut, oak, cherry and pine are recurrent favorites although many lesser known exotic woods are quite readily available. At lower cost the armoire may be made from pressed wood with a real wood finish. This looks very good but never has the quality or look of real wood.

The sizing of your armoire depends of course on the sizing of the TV to be housed in it. A 40 inch or bigger flat panel TV will require quite a large armoire whereas a 20 inch conventional TV can fit in one around half that size. A very large armoire will look out of place in a small room so keep size in mind when you are planning.

The corner TV armoire is definitely the ultimate TV corner cabinet and when well chosen to match your decor it can do wonders for the style of your home.

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Theater in the Round R-2860cw Audio Video Tv Stand (Desert White Finish)Product Description
R-2860 Audio Stand
28″w x 60″h x 22″d
Accommodates up to a 28″ wide x 22″ deep 150 lbs. component on top and 5+ components up to 19.5″ wide x 18″ deep and 110 lbs. per shelf. Six 3/4 round semi-circle clear tempered glass shelves are spaced 13″ bottom shelf and 10″ upper shelves
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  • 3 1/2″ Round 14 Guage Thick Steel and Tempered Glass Construction
  • Solid Craftsman Design with Wire Management in Rear Column
  • Made in the USA, Ships Factory Direct With a 100% Satisfaction 30 Day Home Trial and 12-Month Factory Warranty
  •, 866-235-4545 M-F 8-7cst